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Welcome to LA 570 Built Environment & Human Health
Tuesday & Thursday 2:30 - 3:50
316N Mumford Hall

William Sullivan and Chun-Yen Chang
University of Illinois and National Taiwan University
Professors of Landscape Architecture

Phone: 217-244-5156 (office)
wcsulliv@illinois.edu, cycmail@ntu.edu.tw

Course Description

In the Built Environment and Human Health we explore the challenge of, and science behind, creating healthy, sustainable places.

We engage this topic by learning about mechanisms through which
places impact health. We also examine the empirical evidence in support of each of these mechanisms.

Learning in this course grows from a series of readings, active participation in class discussion, and the development of a review paper or a research proposal.


There is growing evidence that built environments impact human health and wellbeing. As any student of the landscape knows, this is not a new insight. New York City’s Central Park, after all, was promoted as a civic good because it would help alleviate the conditions of city life that threatened human health. In the past few years, there has been a renewed interest in the capacity of the built environment to contribute to health and wellbeing.

Our work in this course is grounded in evidence from studies in public health, psychology, and medicine, demonstrating links between conditions in the built environment and health. We’ll work to understand this evidence and then use it in a review paper that examines a question you find compelling
or in the development of a research proposal.

You can download the
course syllabus here.